Yes you are Flapjacks... The tastiest things in the world. 

Lets all just remember to share a little love today, Flapjack or otherwise! 

So I have taken an extended break from this website as other priorities began to consume me. But then I remembered... Nothing is more important than Flapjacks! I think that all official members would agree, and also people who aren't official, just avid supporters. Flapjacks=Life. Along with this realization in my own life, I was also inspired by your support. The NWFS is just a group of people out of Washington, and the website is getting views from all over the country! New York, California, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Mississippi, I never imagined that there would be so much support. If it is possible, it made my love for Flapjacks grow even more, I will be posting whenever I get a chance. Also, remember that YOU can become an official member! And
For the first time ever, the Northwest Flapjack Society will be going public! Join us at the Kingston fourth of July parade for some awesome Flapjack Love! 
You, yes you, can now become a member of the Northwest Flapjack Society! Please sign up to show your commitment to Flapjack love! 
So today, I had a really great idea. Northwest Flapjack Society shirts! Please let us know what you think and check back soon to see our flapjack swag which I hope will be for sale soon! 
The Northwest Flapjack Society will be starting a new tradition that we urge you to take part in... Flapjack Sunday! On this weekly celebration of Flapjacks, we will make different kinds of Flapjacks. Today (5-6-12) was the first ever Flapjack Sunday. We celebrated with chocolate chip ninja-shaped flapjacks. Join us by making Flapjacks every Sunday and sharing pictures of your best creations! northwestflapjacksociety@gmail.com
Some of you may have heard of a Snicker's Flapjack bar. A take on the original Snickers bar using something quite like a British Flapjack (Completely different than American Flapjacks). But what is a Snickers Flapjack? 

"As the name suggests, the product is predominantly a flapjack i.e. an oaty type feast that takes a lifetime to chew through, which is what I thought when first opening the packaging. 
The base is a mixture of peanuts (14%) (so no good if you suffer peanut allergies), condensed milk, golden syrup and a multitute of other gooey stuuf which I wont bore you with and binding agents (to stop it from crumbling one presumes). 
Layered on top of all this is a generous amount of caramel (11%), and a lovely thick layer of milk chocolate."

So I recommend the Snickers Flapjack bar to all Northwest Flapjack Society members. Thank you Snickers for spreading the good word of Flapjack, and members... Spread that good ol' fashioned Flapjack love! 
So as I am sure you know, Valentine's day is coming very soon. If you have read any of our other blogs, you would know that we believe in the power and love of Flapjacks, and that you should spread it too. But today we aren't going to tell you that. We suggest that this year, you do something different for that special someone. Make breakfast! We are all tired of the old standby chocolate and flowers. It is time to mix it up, make some Flapjacks as see the true power of Flapjack love and happiness. 
Dear Northwest Flapjack Society members and simple Flapjack loves alike, 
We just wanted to thank you for all of your great support. Flapjacks are becoming more popular every day, every minute even. Our success is more then we ever could have imagined and it is all because of you. Now I know that this sounds like I am going to ask for money, but I am not. The Northwest Flapjack Society doesn't need donations, we just need to keep the love going. We need you to spread our good word. And most of all... we need to hear from you. Tell us what you think about Flapjacks. Tell us what you think about the organisation. Every bit helps, we want to flapjacks to become a favorite food everywhere, it is our dream. Thank you for helping to make it come true. Now dear readers, make yourself some Flapjacks!  
Happy New Year from the Northwest Flapjack Society! Here at the Northwest Flapjack Society, our resolution is always to spread flapjack love and awareness. We hope that can be part of your resolution as well. If you aren't a believer in flapjack awesomeness, make 2012 a year to discover flapjacks. If you are a believer, continue to be, and share the knowledge. We believe that 2012 will be our biggest year ever and the love of flapjacks will only continue to grow. (Also we hope that all flapjack lovers survive the appending apocalypse).