Some of you may have heard of a Snicker's Flapjack bar. A take on the original Snickers bar using something quite like a British Flapjack (Completely different than American Flapjacks). But what is a Snickers Flapjack? 

"As the name suggests, the product is predominantly a flapjack i.e. an oaty type feast that takes a lifetime to chew through, which is what I thought when first opening the packaging. 
The base is a mixture of peanuts (14%) (so no good if you suffer peanut allergies), condensed milk, golden syrup and a multitute of other gooey stuuf which I wont bore you with and binding agents (to stop it from crumbling one presumes). 
Layered on top of all this is a generous amount of caramel (11%), and a lovely thick layer of milk chocolate."

So I recommend the Snickers Flapjack bar to all Northwest Flapjack Society members. Thank you Snickers for spreading the good word of Flapjack, and members... Spread that good ol' fashioned Flapjack love! 
So as I am sure you know, Valentine's day is coming very soon. If you have read any of our other blogs, you would know that we believe in the power and love of Flapjacks, and that you should spread it too. But today we aren't going to tell you that. We suggest that this year, you do something different for that special someone. Make breakfast! We are all tired of the old standby chocolate and flowers. It is time to mix it up, make some Flapjacks as see the true power of Flapjack love and happiness.