All right, its time for a love story. 
When a Flapjack is born, it is not actually a Flapjack but simply a bowl of batter. It is not until the batter is poured into the hot pan that it begins to take shape. As the Flapjack grows, it turns golden brown, light and fluffy. Its journey and transformation is a truly incredible one.
Jack and Jackie grew this way as well.

One morning a girl woke up and decided to make some Flapjacks for breakfast. She mixed enough batter for exactly two, perfect Flapjacks. She poured them both into the pan and watched as they started to spread out and grow together. Perhaps it was fate, but she decided to let the two fuse together instead of separating them. And so of course, the Flapjacks had found each other. It was like love at first sight...
Today I ate Flapjacks for breakfast. Just thought I would let everyone know. 
At the Northwest Flapjack Society, we may not be curing cancer or winning the Nobel Prize. But we are spreading Flapjack awareness. That to us os one of the most important things that someone can do. To an outsider, this whole thing may seem rather pointless. You may ask, Why Flapjacks? And that is a valid question. Why should you care about Flapjacks, why do we care? The answer to that is very simple. Flapjacks are different. They are not pancakes. They just make us smile in a way that no breakfast food before had. So we dedicated all this time for a thing that makes us Smile. All we can hope is that it will do the same for you. Maybe you are looking for a change, see if Flapjacks are the answ
Most people have heard that love makes the world go around, but what kind of love exactly? Well at the Northwest Flapjack Society, it is flapjack love that spins us around. You see, Flapjacks are possibly the greatest food, for sure the greatest breakfast food. So share a Flapjack with a friend and spread a little Flapjack love. From all the good people at the Northwest Flapjack Society, have a Flapjacktastic day. 
We are terrible. We were under the impression that british flapjacks and american flapjacks were the same thing! We were wrong. They are not. We are sorry.
Like life, flapjacks have their ups and downs. What goes up, must come down. The flapjack can teach us this lesson very well. So let us all appreciate flapjacks in all of their great glory. And like every scoop of batter is transformed into a flapjack... the