Happy New Year from the Northwest Flapjack Society! Here at the Northwest Flapjack Society, our resolution is always to spread flapjack love and awareness. We hope that can be part of your resolution as well. If you aren't a believer in flapjack awesomeness, make 2012 a year to discover flapjacks. If you are a believer, continue to be, and share the knowledge. We believe that 2012 will be our biggest year ever and the love of flapjacks will only continue to grow. (Also we hope that all flapjack lovers survive the appending apocalypse).  
On a recent trip to the ocean, the founders of the Northwest Flapjack Society decided to prove that everyone loves flapjacks. We were also hoping to spread some of our famous flapjack love. After we all enjoyed our flapjacks we went to the beach on a quest for birds. And with a plate full of flapjacks, we waited. However, as soon as one would appear, it would fly away from the flying flapjack. For some reason, it seemed that the seagulls didn't want our flapjacks. After chasing a flock and throwing deliciousness at them, the birds caught on. The first one (the leader?) took a whole flapjack off the sand and swallowed it. Soon it was a flapjack feeding frenzy. As soon as the seagulls had devoured our plate full, a flock of small birds flew by, but unfortunately, they were too late. The moral of this story is, if someone offers you a flapjack, accept it. Always. And seagulls, consider the flapjack love spread! 
Dear Flapjack lovers,
Merry Christmas (Or as you are supposed to say, Happy Holidays!). From all of us here at the Northwest Flapjack Society, have a wonderful holiday full of love, joy, and flapjacks.