All right, its time for a love story. 
When a Flapjack is born, it is not actually a Flapjack but simply a bowl of batter. It is not until the batter is poured into the hot pan that it begins to take shape. As the Flapjack grows, it turns golden brown, light and fluffy. Its journey and transformation is a truly incredible one.
Jack and Jackie grew this way as well.

One morning a girl woke up and decided to make some Flapjacks for breakfast. She mixed enough batter for exactly two, perfect Flapjacks. She poured them both into the pan and watched as they started to spread out and grow together. Perhaps it was fate, but she decided to let the two fuse together instead of separating them. And so of course, the Flapjacks had found each other. It was like love at first sight...

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