Some of you may have heard of a Snicker's Flapjack bar. A take on the original Snickers bar using something quite like a British Flapjack (Completely different than American Flapjacks). But what is a Snickers Flapjack? 

"As the name suggests, the product is predominantly a flapjack i.e. an oaty type feast that takes a lifetime to chew through, which is what I thought when first opening the packaging. 
The base is a mixture of peanuts (14%) (so no good if you suffer peanut allergies), condensed milk, golden syrup and a multitute of other gooey stuuf which I wont bore you with and binding agents (to stop it from crumbling one presumes). 
Layered on top of all this is a generous amount of caramel (11%), and a lovely thick layer of milk chocolate."

So I recommend the Snickers Flapjack bar to all Northwest Flapjack Society members. Thank you Snickers for spreading the good word of Flapjack, and members... Spread that good ol' fashioned Flapjack love! 
9/24/2012 12:06:27 am

THX for info


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